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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Attention Business Owners, Solopreneurs and Executives: Would you like to make 2010 your best revenue year yet?

'Here’s your opportunity to get my personal help designing a CUSTOMIZED SALES BLUEPRINT that will help you DOUBLE, TRIPLE or even QUADRUPLE your client base ...’

Please read this important message from Amy

For the past several years, I have been working with business owners and executives on maximizing their sales results, designing sales processes, and implementing sales strategies.

During that time, I've been inundated with questions about how to overcome obstacles like fear, discomfort, lack of time, lack of response from prospects etc. It seems like most successful business owners have great ideas on what they COULD and SHOULD be doing, but become frustrated when they aren’t getting results. And it seems that many people want SPECIFIC advice for their unique situation.

The questions I've received have made it clear to me that people need EXTRA HELP if they were to squeeze every last drop of profit from their sales efforts. Sometimes the difference between success and failure is just a SIMPLE TWEAK. Because I've been designing and implementing sales processes for over 15 years, I can usually see pretty quickly what that tweak is.

In EARLY 2010, I will be launching an International Campaign to help business owners and executives DEMOLISH their DREAD of SELLING. The kick-off event will be a week-long Telesummit highlighting FIFTEEN of the World’s Top Sales Experts addressing HOW TO OVERCOME SALES SABOTAGE.

The first step to designing a CUSTOMIZED SALES BLUEPRINT will be to have a one-on-one strategy session with me.

And then I had an idea…

I wanted to find a way to show my appreciation for those already in my network, those who inspire me frequently through facebook, twitter, and with newsletters and blogs. I wanted to say THANK YOU to those whom I have met in recent years at various networking and professional development events.

So here's the special Holiday offer I have for you

What I've decided to do, for a limited number of people, is offer a FREE personal strategy session.

Yes! I want a FREE Strategy Session:

I have 10 slots available between now and the New Year for FREE personal strategy sessions. After the New Year, these sessions will be $297. Since I am super busy getting ready for the DEMOLISH YOUR DREAD OF SELLING launch, I only have 10 spots available in my calendar, so act FAST.

What you will get from this session:
· A clear idea of the strengths and opportunities in your sales efforts
· Recommendations on how to make your sales process more EFFECTIVE and PROFITABLE

Sign me UP for a FREE Stategy Session:

Also, those who sign up NOW will also receive as a BONUS, a VIP invitation to the Sales Summit for Overcoming Sabotage: Team up with FIFTEEN of the World’s Leading Sales experts as they share secrets for overcoming your fear of selling, getting out of your own way, and finding a selling style that suits YOUR personal strengths and values.

Yes, I am READY for my FREE Strategy Session:

Monday, August 04, 2008

Blue Sky's Million$ Mastermind

Contact or call 703.338.8187 for a membership application

A unique blend of mastermind techniques, group coaching, and professional development.

Desired Results:
*Gain the tools needed to grow your business to the one million dollar mark in the next 36 months
*Learn your strengths as a leader/business owner and how to capitalize on those strengths
*Learn from your peers and develop a solid advisory board that will help you achieve your goals
*Refine your sales and leadership skills
*Demonstrate your strong commitment to your goals through accountability
*Follow a step by step process developed by Mary Cantando, from her research of hundreds of women owned million dollar companies

Six to eight women business owners that have been in business at least two years, and have an annual revenue of at least $150K.

What is the mission?
Members of the Million$ Mastermind are looking to grow their business to the $1M mark in the next 36 months.

How is the Blue Sky Million$ Mastermind group different?
This group will include a blend of Mastermind techniques, group coaching, training and additional reference material.
This group is led by Amy Palmer, an experienced Sales and Leadership Coach and Consultant who has spent years helping companies build businesses up to $1M and beyond.

*Utilize the Now Discover Your Strengths strengthfinder assessment,

*Follow The Woman’s Advantage book and workbook.

*Use the Peerspective’s Roundtable process to work out your business issues with the help and support of fellow members

*Learn the Blue Sky Supportive Selling Model (finding a selling style that fits YOUR personality, values, strengths).

Over a six month period starting in October 2008, the group will meet in person three times for a three hour meeting. In addition to that, the group will have bi-weekly 90 minute conference calls. Time will be determined by vote of the enrolled members.

In person meetings will take place in Northern Virginia. Exact details TBD.

How do I join?
Since the success of this group depends so strongly on the commitment of its members, we ask all potential member to submit a membership application.

Member tuition is $1800 for the entire six month program*.
Early bird enrollment by September 15 for $1500*.
Super-committed enrollment by September 1 for $1200*.
Bring-a-Girlfriend discount! $200 off each.

*Tution is paid in three bi-monthly payments

Contact or call 703.338.8187 for a membership application.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Avoid the Summer Slow-Down!

Lunchtime Teleclass Series

This is the place the "non-salespeople" go when they NEED MORE business! Contact to register!
Our upcoming lunchtime teleclass series will allow you to generate fresh ideas regarding your sales, marketing and business development efforts. The end of each class will consist of an "Ask the Class" session where the floor will be open to ask and answer any business development questions you may have!


Wed June 4th 12-1:30 pm

Fill 'er up! How do I keep my sales pipeline filled while I'm busy working? Often the life of a small business owner is feast or famine. This teleclass will introduce you to a three-tier approach so you can always have work coming in!

Wed June 11 12-1:30 pm

But I'm not a salesperson! Learn how to approach your business development efforts in a productive, comfortable manner. Brainstorm ideas that could work for your business. Especially helpful for women business owners who do not consider themselves salespeople (and don't want to!).

Wed June 18 12-1:30 pm

Get a Response! How hard is it to get the attention of a potential client? To get him/her on the phone, or to reply to your voice mail message or email? These days, decision-makers are so bogged down with business, that only the select few break through. This class will cover the elements to crafting enticing voice mail and email messages, that will increase your response rate!

Wed June 25 12-1:30 pm

BizDev 2.0 We try to to ignore it but the world of business is changing! Utilizing social media tools...such as Linked In and Facebook is a critical skill to develop as a business owner. How can you truly use it for networking? For business development? For recruiting? This class will answers those questions and get you started on adding a whole new element to your marketing efforts.


$35 per class, or $99 for the entire series.

Contact: to register!

Amy Palmer, Blue Sky Coaching & Consulting,, 202.742.6790

Saturday, January 26, 2008

"Supportive Selling" Coaching Group Starts March 6th!

At the end of this five-week series, you will:
· Have developed a solid, effective, business development plan that you can enjoy!
· Learn strategies and techniques that complement your personality and style to find, get, and keep more business!
· Have a network of other Women Business Owners with a variety of “selling styles”!

Course Details:


Thurs March 6th and 20th / 8:30 am-12:00 pm /Supportive Selling Workshops

Fri March 14th, 28th, April 4th, 11th/8:00 am-9:30 am /Telecoaching Sessions

Supportive Selling Workshops will be held at: 8300 Greensboro Drive, Suite 800, McLean, Virginia 22102 (near Tyson's)
Telecoaching sessions are done via phone from any location.

What do you get?


* Your mission, your passion, your goals.
* Clearly Defining your Target Market
* Create your Value Proposition
* Create your Account Entry Campaign
* Design a relationship-based sales process
* Tracking results and follow up

Support and accountability from your coach and your peers.
Unlimited email and phone access to your coach.


$599 per person, ($499 if you register by Feb22 )

Contact to register!

About your coach...
Amy Palmer is President of Blue Sky Coaching & Consulting, a leadership and sales consulting firm that specializes in helping women business owners that hate to sell. As an award-winning former actress, a nationally recognized salesperson, and a top-producing sales manager, Ms. Palmer brings all of these skills together to help others find a selling style that fits their personality and values. Currently she is the Facilitator for the DC Chapter of the Women Presidents’ Organization, a national non-profit peer advisory group. Working with such recognizable names as Sylvan Learning Centers, Jenny Craig Weight Loss Centers, and Wegman’s Foods, Ms. Palmer has developed a working knowledge of a variety of service industries. She is also a graduate of Coach U’s Core Essentials Program. Website: Phone: 703-338-8187

Monday, July 24, 2006

Sales and Customer Service Series offered at
Northern Virginia Women's Business Center
7001 Loisdale Road, Suite C, Springfield, VA 22150

CS and Sales Series #1: “Finding Your Customers”

Selling to the right audience will save you time and money. Come and learn how to identify your target market and create a prospecting plan to turn leads into clients.
Tuesday, July 18 from 6pm - 9pm
Early Bird Fee: $35 (if paid at least seven days in advance)
Regular Fee: $50

CS and Sales Series #2: “Selling to your Customers”
You will learn how to use communication skills to maximize the effectiveness of your sales process.
Tuesday, August 22 from 6pm - 9pm
Early Bird Fee: $35 (if paid at least seven days in advance)
Regular Fee: $50

CS and Sales Series # 3: “Keeping Your Customers”
Join us to learn how to maintain the communication with your clients as well as ways to make customer service a team approach.
Tuesday, September 26 from 6pm - 9pm
Early Bird Fee: $35 (if paid at least seven days in advance)
Regular Fee: $50

To register:

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Key Elements of Sales Effectiveness...June 8 2006

Key Elements to Sales Effectiveness...June 8, 2006

eWomen Network Function!

Many business owners and executives find themselves in the position of being a “salesperson” or a “sales manager” even if selling isn’t their expertise or passion. In order for a business to show continuous growth and improvement, time and attention needs to be paid to the sales effectiveness of an organization. Participants will receive a “Sales Effectiveness Survey” to assess their business.

*People: do you have the right people in the right place? If you are doing the selling yourself, what can you do to improve and perform at a premium level?

*Process: is your sales process client-focused? Is it repeatable for sustained results?

*Metrics: what should you be measuring? How often? What do you do with the metrics?
For details and registration:

or contact us as

Monday, April 24, 2006

Blue Sky Network- Peer Sales Team Starts July 2006!

Join the Blue Sky Network...
and watch your sales revenue soar!!!!

Are you a business owner doing all or most of your company’s sales yourself?

Are you a small business owner that has a sales team, but you don’t feel fully comfortable acting as Sales Manager?

If so, The Blue Sky Network is for YOU!

The Blue Sky Network is a network of individual business owners coming together for monthly sales meetings and follow-up conference calls. In addition, business owners who have an existing sales team, but who do not feel fully comfortable acting as Sales Manager may enroll their sales associates in the Network for guidance, training, and motivation. Members will act as a “sales team”-- accountable to each other and guided by Blue Sky in the role of Sales Manager, they will set goals, brainstorm ideas, practice and role play. The primary goal will be to directly impact members’ sales results in a positive way.

According to Blue Sky Innovations President Amy Palmer, “The biggest difference between being in a sales position for a large company versus a small company is that the salespeople in smaller companies are often working alone. This is particularly true for business owners who wear multiple hats, including that of Salesperson or Sales Manager. By taking on the role of Sales Manager, Blue Sky will assist these network members in creating a team atmosphere-- feeding off the enthusiasm and friendly competition of their peers.”

How can the Network benefit you?

*You have an upcoming presentation and you would like an objective opinion for strategy.

*You are working with a difficult potential client and you need help coming up with ideas on how to close the deal.

*You are spending a lot of time on prospecting and it’s not paying off– you’d like an outside opinion of what to do next.

Network Membership:

· Monthly 3 hour sales meetings to practice skills, share ideas, overcome obstacles, announce successes

· Monthly 1 hour teleconference to share results, problem solve, and brainstorm

· Access to Blue Sky Innovations for phone/email consultations

The Blue Sky Network begins July 2006!

Contact us for more information:
Tel.: (703) 338-8187